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pluto in aquarius

Pluto moves to 0 degrees Aquarius, it’s the 23rd of the 3rd on 2023 and things are definitely getting spicy.

Today, at 12:23 UTC (on the 23rd of the 3rd, 23), Pluto moved to 0 degrees Aquarius. It apparently won’t move on to Pisces until ~March 2043, and won’t be back in Aquarius again until 2274 or thereabouts. Pretty epic stuff, huh? We do have quite a bit of time meanwhile to appreciate some of the interesting topics Pluto in Aquarius brings, because for at least the next 20 odd years, it will hang out here!

Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius

Themes for Pluto in aquarius

Based on a non-trivial amount of research into Pluto in general for the past few months, in expectation for this, I can summarize some key themes to watch out for – at least initially. Pluto is essentially the ‘God of Death’ – and not necessarily only ‘physical’ death, the final chapter of our dear directly experienced consciousness – but the ongoing, ever changing and mutating elements which drive the capability of the universe to keep running. In fact, by the time you’ve read to the end of this paragraph, several billion microscopic deaths have occurred in waves around the frame that constitutes you and that’s just on the physical level. Your thoughts and mind, the fire within in you and your emotions, they too die subtly from nanosecond to nanosecond.

Thus Pluto coming into the ‘fixed’ Air sign in the Zodiac, Aquarius, takes on a lens which looks at the big picture of all interactions between conscious beings on a linguistic and symbolic level. It will mill around, destroy and rebuild how we collaborate and how we divvy up the work that is necessary to keep our civilization stable. Aquarius rules the lower legs and the circulatory system. It is thus the cooperative foundation and distribution system that allows essential resources to circulate throughout the collective. It can therefore be said to rule science, advanced theory, astrology, astronomy, Artificial Intelligence and more. All of these are subject to being smashed to rubble and rebuilt stronger under Pluto’s watch.

Pluto in aquarius on a personal level

Aquarius also represents your entire social group, all of your direct and indirect connections. Aquarius is essentially the network of conscious beings and the interchange of thoughts and ideas throughout the network. Indra’s Web is an Aquarian concept, in my humble opinion. Pluto is both the ‘God of the Dead’ and the concept of ‘Tyrannical power’. Whether that is bestowing power to corrupt you or subjecting you to tyrannical oversight remains to be seen. However watch for situations where you find yourself with more power than you could have possibly expected in your life thus far, and ask yourself – how did I get here? Resist the temptation to wield power for any end but the empowerment of others and nurturing love and joy for you and those around you.

Pulling some cards as a prompt for the start of the season

For today’s reading, I pulled The Ace of Swords, Atu XII – The Hanged Man, The Six of Wands and the ‘Destiny’ card (below the deck) was Atu V – The Hierophant. Intuitively I would say that the Hierophant in the ‘Destiny’ position would indicate that regardless of the outcome, we will continue to be led on the path of initiation into the mysteries of life – and in fact, the churning cycle of destruction and renewal is actually a key part of this initiation. On a more practical level though, if you see further above in this post, we have a lot of action in Taurus right now – Uranus, Venus and the North Node are all in Taurus, with the Moon coming into Taurus over the next day or so. Thus we can discern that this reading really is painting how things might shape up in the *immediate* present and future. We have the Ace of Swords, XII and 6 Wands mixing together to indicate and unforeseen problem which totally changes the current paradigm, leading to an opportunity to reflect on where we are and how we got here. We will need just a smidgeon of luck to push through quickly and to be successful – and will also need the strength and balance to push where it’s needed. Overall this reading strikes me as one of initial adversity but victorious triumph and a common path to initiation into a great mystery.

Thanks for reading, catch you in the next one!

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